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www.tellthebell.com – In California, Taco Bell is a reputed brand of a leading fast-food delivery chain. In the history of the fast-food industry, this is a popular name, for offering standard Mexican-style fast foods.

Though it’s headquarters are limited in a few states of the USA, such as California and Irvine, it has branches in other continents also including the UK, Europe, Canada, Asia. The fast-food lovers must have familiarity with this renowned American fast-food restaurant chain. Yum! Brands Inc is its parent division.



Generally, the highly discussed menu-list of Taco Bell contains lip-smacking fast-food dishes such as burritos, tacos, gorditas, nachos, chalupas and more. Now, if you are in the USA, it’s high time to taste the delightful flavor of variety of fast-food stuffs available in Taco Bell.

One of the most popular items was the initial foray in Taco Bell, started by Glen Bell. After hot dogs hamburgers became another foray of this fast-food restaurant chain. As a founder, Glen Bell shared his thoughts about Taco Bell frequent times. According to him, the long lines across the American street for Mexican foods, pushed him to take initiative for commencing a leading fast-food chain like Taco Bell. But as an owner of this fast-food cuisine he was enough exclusive in his thoughts.

He came with a modified version of a sandwich like Taco. While the other leading fast-food brands were trying to win the competition on burger stuffs, his exclusive initiative on sandwich modification stunned the fast-food seekers. The innovation of Bell successfully won the hearts by offering this brand-new fast-food item, which enhanced the fast-food craving among the Americans.

From the period of launching, Taco Bell always surprises its consumers by new experimental fast-food delicacies, which presents Tex-Mex ingredients with brand-new wrappers. Besides, each version of Taco Bell menu always tries to balance the nutrition and taste using beans, tomatoes, different layers of cheese in its filling. For the veg foodies, it opt beans as a substitute of meat. For these innovative considerations, the vegetarians prefer Taco Bell to get plenty of options to enjoy different fast-food delicacies.

Here is a list, to help making the best choice from the menus of this branded fast-food cuisine. Just take a look for getting right preference:

Fiesta Taco Salad

It is such a common menu item, you can order from Taco Bell. It includes a crispy taco salad shell, which is stuffed with a lot of nutrition such as beef pieces, beans chunks, rice with red strips to increase crunchiness. Besides, you will get general vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes along with sour cream with the addition of shredded cheese.

Getting the detail list of the ingredients the fast-food lover can order their dish as per their choice.

Crunchy Taco

This is another delicious fast-food delicacy available in Taco Bell. It is labeled as a signature item and the consumers prefer its delivery along with specific choice of veg fillings. The choice of filling includes Fajita Veggies, Pinto Beans, and Mexican Paneer. As a consumer you can also opt its delivery with specific choices of sauce such as Cool Ranch Sauce, Paprika Pepper Sauce, and Smokey Chipotle Sauce etc.

Cheesy Double Decker Taco

The foodies, who love extra cheese in their food stuff, it is a perfect item for them. In the lap of crunchy outer part and soft inner part, the cheese filling makes this cheesy taco more lip-smacking. The additional fresh veg filings make its serving outstanding. With this stuff, you will get an exclusive flavor of soft and crunchy texture.

Mild Naked Chicken Taco

The entire food stuff of chicken taco offers an outstanding crispy and juicy chicken taco. The filling of this taco has great health benefits, as it includes fresh letus, and vegetable sauces like ranch and fiesta. The exotic flavor of shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese enhances the taste of this popular fast-food stuff.

All these discussed menus can pacify your fast-food craving. So, pick your phone to order such mouthwatering items.

Now, your favorite Mexican style fast-food delicacy brand, Taco Bell, has the world’s best feedback survey campaign, which is popular as TellTheBell. Through this campaign they constantly invest their focus on the overall improvement of quality service of their business. Now as a regular customer, you can easily think about the participation in this competent survey programmed.

Participation in this exclusive feedback campaign like TellTheBell provides a lucky chance to get a $550 cash reward. So, no more delay, just browse their official website https://tellthebell.live to get more info about the rules of this Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey Campaign.  And follow the below points on why TellTheBell survey gains popularity and boosts the level of consumer loyalty.

  • It receives all the feedback on their quality of fast-food items from their consumers and constantly attempts to rectify the complaints.
  • This survey does not leave any corner to know the impression of the customers about their serving quality.
  • They have a strict focus on knowing the issues, which can make their consumers uncomfortable a bit during their visit.
  • They are also concerned to know about the impression of the foodies, and have visited their restaurants on the matter of staff friendliness.
  • They are interested to justify the flawless delivery as per order, listening to the points from their consumers through this survey.
  • They also seek further recommendations from their loyal consumers about the cleanliness and cozy environment of the restaurants.

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Rules of Feedback Survey, Conducted by Taco Bell

Before joining you need to go through the following rules of TellTheBell survey for meeting their specific conditions:

  • If you are staying with legal residential right in Canada and USA, only then can you apply for the participation in this survey.
  • If you are below 18 year old, you are not eligible for this survey programmed.
  • Taco Bell sweepstakes are not for them, who are directly involved as the employees or members with Taco Bell corporation.
  • You do not need any instant purchase to take part in this customer satisfaction survey.
  • The reward for the winners will not be considered as a subject of any exchange or transfer.
  • They approve the allowance of 1 entry for 1 customer.

Now, your spontaneous participation in this customer satisfaction survey will help all to get the flawless services from the Taco Bell brunches.

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