magical spin code promo argent gratuit ligue 1 33eme journee keno aujourd hui midi fdj joker + reglement – Take Sonic Survey, Free Drink – TalktoSonic – Well, first you have to know what TalktoSonic exactly means! It is an online program which is conducted by Sonic restaurant. They will ask you the question of different sorts of their service regarding restaurants or how they would improve etc. You have to answer in yes or no. Or you can give your feedback in 2 or 3 lines.

TalktoSonic – Rewards

You can visit their online site This restaurant is best known for its milkshakes, Frozen Drinks, Fruit Juice and much more. Other than the drinks, the restaurant is also famous for fast food like Hamburg, Sandwich, Pizza and many more. Online services are also available. So you can easily

TalktoSonic Survey

Every restaurant wants to satisfy its customers with its proper service so that they would love to visit again and again. In order to reach to the customer directly or to build up an amicable relationship, this survey has been done, so that we can know whether you are liking our service or not. That is why we started this survey section.

The customers are requested to take part in this survey and to give their honest feedback. We give utter importance to your feedback and we are ready to make the necessary changes which will help in further improvements if required. We are promising you that we will come up with better products and services which will help us to reach our customer directly.

We are also offering you a chance to win soda or iced tea from Sonic-Drive-in after the completion of this survey. Your acknowledgement is the one that we are looking for. So please help us reach you directly with your reviews regarding our service.

In order to participate in the survey, you need to follow certain rules and regulations and we are here to guide you. Other than that, we are also here to guide you to to enter the survey several times and as it is mentioned earlier that participating in the survey means a chance to win soda or iced tea.

So here are the survey rules which will guide you.

The Survey Rules of TalktoSonic

The rules are as follows –

  • The employees of TalktoSonic cannot participate in this survey.
  • You can participate after purchasing the coupon in 14 days. So please don’t delay.
  • The code of the coupon will be redeemed within 60 days. After that, the coupon code will expire.
  • In a single receipt, you can be allowed only one time.

The Basic requirements regarding the survey of TalktoSonic

If you are a regular customer to our restaurant then I am sure that you will love to participate in the survey. But before participating, please follow the instructions.

  • Make your purchase of anything from Sonic Store.
  • The best one will be if you purchase electronic gadgets like a smartphone, laptop, tablets, desktop or earbuds.
  • You should possess a strong internet connection.
  • The survey will proceed in two languages like English and Spanish. So it will be better if you are well acquainted in these two languages otherwise an intermediate is needed for translating the language.
  • You have to prove yourself to be a citizen of the United States of America.
  • For participating, minor age is not allowed. You have to be at least 18 years old or more than that.
  • A valid receipt on which ID number and store number are written is needed.

Rewards Awaiting for you

After completion of the survey successfully, we are happy to serve you Free Sonic Route 44 Drink and those are stated below:

  • Free Iced Tea
  • Chilled Soft Drink
  • Spicy Limeades
  • Slush

So, if you want our service more, we are glad to do so. Moreover, you will get to drink these spicy juices.

But you should know this thing that you will not get all the juices to drink in one coupon. Only one drink is available in one coupon. So you can select one drink out of these at a time of your desire.

Guidance for talking TalktoSonic

If you are excited to win the Sonic drinks, only you need to do is to follow certain steps. Follow those and grab your drinks.

First, visit the Sonic store and make your purchase. Save your receipt as it contains the survey code for starting the survey.

  • Pay a visit to our site which is mentioned above.
  • Choose the language of your desire either English or Spanish. The survey is allowed in two languages.
  • Enter the ID number which is written in the receipt.
  • Press ‘Start’.
  • Read all the questions written and answer them properly.
  • Enter your full name, address, email id, and contact no and all sorts of details which are necessary.

After completing the survey, you will get a free route 44 coupon with code. Redeem the coupon code in order to receive the exciting prizes of free drinks which are already written.

So, what are you waiting for? Just come, fill the form and grab the opportunity.

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What types of questions are asked in the survey?

You should know what types of questions generally are asked so that you can be mentally prepared.

  • You shall be asked to rate your satisfaction in TalktoSonic.
  • How the service and facilities you are getting and what improvements are necessary which you want?
  • You shall also be asked about the quality of drinks or food which we are serving you.
  • You will also get a question regarding the behavior of staffs and waiters.
  • How the food is served, hot or cold?
  • How long you have to wait after ordering your food?
  • You will also face a question whether you faced any issues or problems previously or not.
  • Did you get all the foods which you order?


I think you got all the information regarding TalktoSonic. Hopefully, you will not face any problem regarding the service that we are providing. We will definitely try to improve ourselves in order to provide service in future.

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