jeux gratuits hors connexion parions sport basketball bigwin jeu a gratter gagnant casino nice palais de la méditerranée animaux qui porte chance club gaming reeltastic casino – Take Dunkin Donuts Survey – TellDunkin – Dunkin Donuts survey is one of the official surveys of TellDunkin. This survey enables customers to share their feedback.

The customer’s feedback means a lot to TellDunkin as it will help us to improve our service. So, if you are a daily customer of this fabulous restaurant and want more improvements in their service, then just come and participate in this survey. For getting a brief explanation, you may visit the official site of

Our Service

We are happy to help you. We value your feedback as those will help us to improve our quality later. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. When you are trusting us and visiting our restaurant daily, it is our responsibility too, to provide you with the best service that we can. We consider our customers as our God and we try our best to bring a broad smile on their faces.

Rules, Regulations & Eligibility Criteria Regarding the Survey:

Every survey has its basic guidelines, TellDunkin too has. So, in order to participate in the survey, please follow the rules –

  • You should be at least 18 years old to take part. Minors are not allowed to take part.
  • You should possess the Dunkin Donut purchase receipt.
  • One coupon is valid for one person. So the number of coupons should be equal to the number of persons.
  • Upon purchasing the coupon, you have to visit within three days; otherwise, your coupon will expire.
  • Please keep in mind that the redemption period of the coupon is 180 days from the date of purchase.

Guidance for you step-by-step

An online survey is very essential and mandatory for the improvement of service. All the relevant essential points are mentioned step-by-step-

  • The writing instrument and a copy of the purchase should have to be handy.
  • You should possess a smartphone with a strong internet connection.
  • You will be asked all the simple and general questions about the service of TellDunkin.

After completion of the whole process, we will try to meet up your expectations with perfect planning and thought. Your survey will help us to know your desire so that in the future we can provide you with our best service.

Let us now discuss the following steps so that you will get to see our improved service for you.

  • First, visit the official site of to get into the survey. Don’t waste much time here, because you will get a limited time period to frame your feelings in a dashboard at the top right corner. So, as soon as the survey starts, be ready to answer in easy language which will be understood by all.
  • The second step is not mandatory, it is completely optional. Many limitations will be faced by you from the privacy settlement of TellDunkin. Various kinds of languages are here. You can select your own language of your desire by selecting the blue options. The different languages will help you with communication.
  • This step is important as you have to fill the 18 digit ID number which you will find in the TellDunkin receipt copy. Be careful to fill-up the credential numbers without making any mistakes. If there is any mistake, you enter any wrong number, and then you have to start again from the beginning.
  • Like other steps, this step is also an important one. This is the rating step as per fulfilling the requirements. You just have to answer yes or no. This is basically a multiple choice question. The first one is exceptional, the second one is excellence, the third one is good, the fourth one is fair and the fifth one is dissatisfactory. You have to choose according to your desire. Think and answer.
  • The fifth section is a comment section. Here you can write what you feel. If you face any problems or if you had any issues before, you can feel free to write. Here you will get to write 12000 characters. That is enough to describe your problem. You can even share any of your experiences, maybe positive or negative, so that we can be aware of the fact.
  • The last and final step is very interesting. Here you will get a TellDunkin Validation Code. After the completion of the survey, you will receive a coupon code, which you can use on your next visit. But the restaurant will provide you with reward redemption. So keep this Validation code carefully for your further use.

Terms and Conditions of TellDunkin

  • The coupon code must be used within 180 days otherwise the validity will expire.
  • The coupon code which you have is non-transferrable.
  • A tax is applicable to the customers after the redemption of the coupon.
  • Other promotions with the coupon are strictly prohibited.

Survey Questions

Anyone can think about what type of question can be asked in the survey. Here are listed below-

  • You will be asked about the ambiance of the restaurant.
  • After that, you can get a question regarding staff behavior and their service.
  • How fast the staff is providing their service to the customers if they are left behind to wait.
  • Any price issue the customer is facing or not.
  • You will also be asked about the quality of the food or drinks or whatever they order.
  • Whether the staff provides clean materials or not.
  • How is your overall experience!
  • Will you recommend others to visit TellDunkin?
  • How often you visit and what changes you expect to be done!
  • After that, you can also face a question of whether you had faced any issue regarding the staff or any other person.

These are the expected questions that one might get in the survey. You just have to answer in yes or no or one-word answer or one sentence. You will not find a hard question to answer. You can give your suggestions also, we will try to keep those things in mind and if needed we will definitely do so.

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provides all sorts of facilities to the customers. Till now there is no negative report against us. Still, we will try our best to provide you with our best service as we want to build up an amicable relationship in the future.

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