pronostic espagne iran avis casino lucky casino en ligne maladie obsession de l argent gagnant casino 2022 jouer spirit code pin à 16 chiffres paysafecard gratorama connexion – Rewards – Guest Survey – Panda Express is one of the major and most famous Chinese restaurant chains which is placed in the United states of America. And it is established by Mr. cherng and his brother.

As of now there are about 2000 plus of locations around the territories in north America and Asia of the panda express restaurant. Also, nowadays their panda express is available at the various malls and food courts. – Rewards Survey - Panda Express Rewards Survey

  1. You must purchase something at the panda express restaurant and it is the primary thing for the survey.
  2. Age of individual must be 18 or above.
  3. You required the receipt for the panda express feedback survey. (also the panda express receipt must be to within two days after buy)
  4. An applicant can be participated in the panda survey unlimited times.
  5. There is also only a single coupon allowed per visit.

Online participation method:

  1. Initial step is to purchase something from the panda express restaurant.
  2. After that visit the official website of the panda express restaurant.
  3. Enter the code which is encrypted over the code of panda express restaurant.
  4. Then, you need to answer all the questions which are asked in the questionnaire set regarding to the service, products, and quality of the food.
  5. After that you will get validation code on back of the receipt.
  6. Thus, applicant must be carrying receipt along with the validation code when further visit to the panda express restaurant.
  7. Thus, you can get free item from the panda express restaurant.

Panda express survey by phone call:

  1. The first step is to save the receipt after buying any items from the panda express store.
  2. After that, within 2 days of buying, you required to make a call.
  3. Thus, call 888-52-PANDA (72632).
  4. So, answer all the questions asked through the cell phone.
  5. After completion of the Panda Express feedback Survey, applicant will get a validation code through cell phone.
  6. Thus, note the validation code on the back of your receipt.
  7. Finally, visit the nearby Panda Express Restaurant and redeem your official website of panda express for free entree item.

Eligibility Criteria for Panda Express Feedback survey:

You need to pass the eligibility criteria before participating in the survey such as.

  1. You must be older than 18 years
  2. You should have valid citizenship ID of American Citizen
  3. You must write and read English and Spanish
  4. You should have done a valid purchase from Panda Expre

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Common kinds of queries asked in Panda express feedback survey:

Here are the topics on that the queries were asked once we participated within the survey.

  1. Cleanliness and tidiness of the building.
  2. The freshness of food things.
  3. Quality of food and drinks.
  4. style of the food that you simply have ordered.
  5. The accuracy of order.
  6. however typically you visit the building.


Panda Express store conducts the survey for understanding the necessities of the customers. And thus, it will helpful for further improvement in the panda express store.

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