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www.Talktoihop.com – Have intense craving for pancakes? Just browse in your mobile to find out the testy delicacies of pancakes. If you are in the USA. Then don’t hesitate to get the amazing flavor of IHOP pancakes. IHOP has a great reputation as a breakfast delicacy supplying cuisine across the world.

If you taste the delightful flavor of their branded pancakes, you will be a fan of the mouthwatering pancake delicacies available in the international pancake supplying brand IHOP.


TalktoiHop – Survey Reward

Most of the time people want to know about the brand in detail before being a loyal user of it. In terms of that concern, IHOP is literally a famous breakfast cuisine in America. But what makes you stunned, which is the worldwide popularity of this American Multinational Pancake Restaurant. The availability of the wide varieties of breakfast offerings makes this renowned pancake house one-step pancake corner.

IHOP, the must-visit kind of international breakfast cuisine not only gains this huge popularity for delivering lip-smacking fluffy pancakes, but also a variety of breakfast delicacies, including filling omelet, waffles and more. So, it will be better if you have honest recommendations about IHOP menus. It will help you to get lost in the variety breakfast stuffs. Now, before ordering any breakfast item from this world-famous breakfast square, just take a glance at the list of the best selling and popular breakfast items:

Real Buttermilk Flavored Pancakes

This item contains-

  • Calorie -430
  • Fat- 17 gm
  • Sodium – 1380 Mg
  • Carbs – 57 gm
  • Sugar – 12 gm
  • Fiber – 3 gm
  • Protein – 12 gm

This pancake item is healthy, if you have it without additional butter and syrups but topping of butter and syrup make it yummier.

With the same nutrients value, ‘Rooty Tooty Fresh N Fruity’ is another popular content, considered for low amounts of fat.

Without Potato Scramble Stuff

This breakfast item contains –

  • Calorie- 460
  • Fat -52
  • Sodium- 1010 mg
  • Fiber- 5 gm
  • Sugar- 2 gm
  • Protein – 38gm

It is pretty breakfast stuff with high protein and low calories and curbs. This item and a whole wheat bread toast can be the healthiest breakfast option for you, while you need to intake more fiber components with your food.

Vegetable Omelet with White Egg

  • Calorie- 380
  • Fat- 74gm
  • Sodium- 790 mg
  • Carbs- 26 gm
  • Fiber – 7gm
  • Sugar – 15 gm
  • Protein – 29 gm

It is one of the prettiest options to make your breakfast healthy with low fat and low calories along with fresh green vegetables. It will help you to boost the mineral level of your body. You can prefer the addition of avocado with omelet.

Belgian Waffle

  • Calorie – 590
  • Fat – 29 gm
  • Sodium – 740
  • Crabs – 69
  • Protein – 11gm

As per the recommendations of dieticians, Belgian Waffle is one of the best healthiest stuff, while you take it alone.

Why Prefer IHOP For Ordering Breakfast?

In the beginning you should know that, this multinational American cuisine brand has their brunch in 1650 locations. And with the help of great manpower’s, this cuisine provides the service in all its locations for 7* 24 days. So, you must get the idea about their popularity, which reflects their clean business reputation. And at last the impression of cleanliness makes you convinced to accept this American multinational breakfast corner as the best platform for lip-smacking pancakes.

What is The Brand Specialty of IHOP?

The popularity of IHOP makes them more loyal to their consumers. They have an authentic online survey campaign. If you browse their official portal, you will get the option to take part in the question-answer round through online presence. The exclusive ways taken by IHOP, do not end here. There is an option to be rewarded. And that is getting a free mouthwatering pancake. Or you can get the discount of $4 on your next billing at IHOP menu. For participation don’t leave your receipt, issued from IHOP here and there.

You Must Know About TalktoiHop

Before being a participant of TalktoiHop, just grab the information about it. It is an authorized survey portal, maintained by IHOP. You can make your entry in this survey, browsing the official website of IHOP, at www.talktoihop.com . Just give a reply of a few products and service- related queries and help this multinational breakfast cuisine to improve their service in numerous ways. They are always ready to listen about your experience. No matter if it is positive or negative. Always remember your reward depends on the declaration of your last receipt, received at the IHOP store. This receipt is very important to get your coupon code.

The Important Steps For The TalktoiHop Survey Programmed

The points described in the following will help you to complete your turn of being an honest participant in this survey.

  • Present the receipt, you have received from an IHOP brunch, after purchasing your breakfast item.
  • Check the internet connection in your digital devices such as laptop or mobile for browsing the survey portal properly.
  • After entering their official survey portal, enter the survey code, mentioned on your receipt.
  • Give honest answers based on valuable experience in IHOP stores and give ratings their service.
  • For getting the coupon code click on the next option, once you have finished your questionnaire round.

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Specific Rules for Accessing Survey Reward

  • You should not forget that according to their survey rule, you have to be 18 years old or older.
  • If you are a person, having legal US citizenship, only then you can take part in this exclusive survey.
  • If you belong from the family of any employee, you will not get the clearance to participate in this survey.
  • Always remember that, you can’t demand coupon code if your receipt is older than 30 days.
  • If you face any problem to take part in this survey, you can communicate with IHOP in their official number 1(866)-444-5144.
  • Besides, you can access the contact section of IHOP’s official website for any further issues.

So, alongside the great manpower, authentic breakfast menu and exclusive survey campaign makes IHOP a reviving brand in the world of cuisine business. And authenticity of this survey based reward program literally boosts the level of consumer satisfaction, as well as consumer loyalty.

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www.mybkexperience.com – Free Burger – mybkexperience

www.mybkexperience.com – Well, first you have to know what “My Burger King experience” exactly means!



It is an online program which is conducted by a restaurant. You will be asked a few questions about different sorts of their service regarding restaurants or how they would improve etc. You have to answer in yes or no. Or you can give your feedback in 2 or 3 lines. You can visit their online site www.mybkexperience.com. “My Burger King Experience“, as the name suggests, is famous for burgers, Hamburg etc. Other than that, this is also famous for other fast foods which are too very famous.

This restaurant is best known for its quality of the food. Online services are also available. So you can easily enjoy your food at home.

“My Burger King experience” is surveying for the satisfaction of the customers. The survey is not so long, one can easily spend a few minutes from their busy schedule. This survey is carried out almost every month, and need not say, every time, Burger King receive a huge number of entries. Only one lucky winner will get $1000. Isn’t it great? The winner will get this price value in the form of a cheque. Keep in mind that the cheque will only be handed to the winner, not to anyone another member of his family or friend. So, come and participate, if you don’t succeed, then don’t be disheartened. You can try for next turn, maybe next time, you can become the lucky winner.

How will you participate in the survey?

There are some basic tips which will help you to participate in the survey. Just follow the tips –

  • First, visit the official website of mybkexperience.com
  • You should possess the voucher of the purchase, where the survey invitation code is mentioned. This is mandatory; otherwise, it will not be helpful for you.
  • After checking the code number, you need to press the “Submit” button.
  • This is one of the major steps, as here you have to answer the question which they will ask you. The answers are common and user-friendly, so you will not face any trouble while responding. Just spare your time for a while and answer them. These questions are related to the services related to Burger King.
  • This step is fascinating for the customers. After answering the questions, you have to wait for a few days, until they announce their lucky winners.

What are the eligibility criteria for this Survey?

This survey is not for everyone. Burger King has set its eligibility criteria for this survey.

They are listed below –

  • Minors are not allowed, so your minor card should expire and you have to be at least 18 years or more than that.
  • You should possess the Burger King purchase receipt.
  • One coupon is legal for one person. So the number of coupons should be equal to the number of persons participated.
  • You have to visit within three days after purchasing the coupons, or else, your coupon will terminate.
  • Please keep in mind that the redemption period of the coupon is 180 days from the date of purchase. So don’t delay.

For further enquiry, you are requested to visit the official website of www.mybkeprience.com

Here you will get all the information.

Why is the survey useful?

This survey is important because Burger King wants to improve its service. Though there is no doubt about their service, still customer’s satisfaction is their first priority. This survey will help to build a strong amicable relationship between the customer and the management team. The Burger King will be able to know about the basic needs of the customers, so upon their next visit, they will try to provide their best service. This survey is conducted by this fabulous restaurant once in every month. So whatever you want to say or whatever you are having in your heart, just give your honest feedback. Your honest feedback will help to enhance the service of the management team.

What questions might you face in the survey?

Burger King will ask you a simple and easy question. You only have to answer in yes or no. Or you can write a few lines about it. Even if you like, you can visit the website of Burger King, which is mentioned earlier also, www.mybkeperience.com in order to get more information regarding the motive of the survey.

The questions that you might face are stated below –

  • How often do you visit our restaurant?
  • What is the quality of the food? Is it served on time or not?
  • Would you like to recommend your kith and kin?
  • Do you like the ambiance of the restaurant? If not, you can suggest them also.
  • How is the behavior of the staff according to you?
  • Did you have any issues with the staff before or not?
  • Whether the staff provide you with clean materials or not.
  • How is your overall experience!
  • Do you want the Burger King to add more items or not?
  • You might also get a question regarding the price of the food, whether it is affordable or not.
  • You shall also be asked to put a remark or if you like you can add your suggestions also.

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It is expected that you will provide honest feedback and the exciting part of this survey is that you are getting a chance to win $1000 as a reward. So, still, if you are having any second thought, then don’t hesitate, feel free to join the survey. You can tell your known persons also to join the survey, they too can get the opportunity to win the cheque of $1000.


Burger King is a renowned restaurant and it deals with thousands of customers daily. The survey which they are offering is to give you a chance to say your verdict and they are also getting a chance to improve their chance. Moreover, in this survey, who is ultimately the winner, it is you obviously, because you are getting the chance to win $1000 prize value.

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